Drossfesto v.1.0

Text of Drossfesto v.1.0 first publicly presented at OPEN PLAN micro-residency closing event is now available on DROSSWORDS page.  Follow the link below to read it.



Drossfesto v.1.0, OPEN PLAN micro-residency at 55 Gracechurch Street, London. H&K at work.


We/H&K were given the opportunity to realise Phase 1 of DROSSFESTO at OPEN PLAN: Micro-Residency, part of the Departure Foundation initiative*.

In a short space of time, the installation manifest itself through a series of floor and wall-based interventions, showing our research material to date, culminating in the visual outcome of our processes and the production of the first Drossfesto (read it here https://drossfesto.wordpress.com/drosswords/)

This outcome enabled for members of the public to engage with our discourse, while at the same time, allowing for critical interaction with the installation. Observing this interaction has created a necessary focused dialogue between H&K to take the project toward its next transformation.

*Departure Foundation is a leading charity that supports and promotes contemporary art throughout the UK, providing free studio space for artists. The Foundation also curates exhibitions, awards art prizes and runs educational projects for local communities.



Drossfesto at OPEN PLAN

Drossfesto at OPEN PLAN

Work in progress